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On Halloween night Patricia is on her way to visit her mother who recently moved to another city. After breaking up with her boyfriend, things have  been getting difficut for Patricia and seeing her mother after several months would definitly cheer her up.

On her way, she has to drive through an abandened town, known as Town of Sin. It's said that there used to be a satanic cult that made human sacrifices on the Halloween night each year but years ago they weren't able to satisfy the demon the'd summoned and because of that, all of them were murdered in horrifying ways. Sadly, Patricia was not aware of this story.

As she enters the town, her fuel guage suddenly drops and she has to make a quick stop in front of a house that was decorated with jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I really enjoyed playing It. Was a really nice and scary puzzle game <3

Hello, I’m stuck in the trunk, I found only 3 numbers while I searched all the tables (even the one with 2 spiders).

Can you help me?

Yes, there are only 3 numbers!


is the antagonist is an hunk demon dad? haha.


Perhaps ;)


ho~ interesting

Hey uh, how do I get rid of that damn unkillable spider? The second it sees me I'm kind of just dead. Shame too, I was interested in your game.

You need to find and use the talisman.

is it NSFW in any way?)

It’s not

No news about the sequel of Big Cat from Hell?

Not yet. I was working on this project side by side with Big Cat from Hell to make it ready before Halloween.

Also, there might be some hints about the sequel in this game.


I see what you did there. XD