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VTuber Plus is a tool that allows Twitch viewers to interact with streamers!

This tool only works for Twitch Affiliates and Partners as it uses Channel Points and Bits (experimental) to trigger events.


  • Support for VRM and VSF avatars
  • Support for any kind of material (VSF)
  • Many items to throw + make your own items
  • Many items to drop
  • Confetti effect
  • Unique and customizable twitch rewards system
  • Ability to use Bits and Channel Points
  • Ability to change avatar mid-stream
  • Ability to change the size of items
  • Adjustable colliders
  • Adjustable lighting, bloom, ambient occlusion
  • Switchable cameras
  • Auto load previously used avatar
  • Streamer-Exclusive effects and items (no new requests)
  • Lots of updates and friendly support

Attention: To use this tool you need a motion capture software like VSeeFace with OSC / VMC protocol running at the same time.

LioranBoard Users: Make sure to use the same Twitch Token (oAuth) for both LioranBoard and VTuber Plus.

How to get streamer exclusive stuff / streamer code?

You can message me on Twitter and share your exclusive content ideas with me. Depending on my free time, I get to accept or reject your request for the time being but before asking for it, please have an average viewer count of 10.

Due to the very large number of requests, I no longer provide streamer exclusive services.

Roadmap + Feature Request


How to make custom items

How to setup "Double Camera" using OBS and VTuber Plus

This tool is still under developement. Feel free to comment your suggestions.

You can also contact me on Twitter @DemonLionLeo


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

VTuber Plus SDK v1_2.unitypackage 639 kB
VTuber Plus v2_12.zip 40 MB
VTuber Plus v2_13.zip 43 MB

Development log

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Hello again!

A fellow streamer friend of mine was wishing on stream tonight that the program have a hotkey system for quick-swapping avatars without having to open the gui. Would it be possible to implement something like that?


Yes sure. I'll add it to my list.

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Hello there, I have a question about the program, I just bought a copy of it, because it is supposed to work with vsf avatars. However it is nottracking the same movement as what is happening in VSeeFace.

 The model is turning with my head, but only rotating, it is not following the tracking of VSeeFace. Any idea what I may need to do to fix it?

Hello, are you saying that the face tracking is missing? Could you provide some side by side screenshots?

I'm trying but it's kind of hard to replicate it. Right now I tried to open it and the VSF avatar just doesn't even show up, or sometimes it says "object reference is not set to an instance of an object"

I'm working on it. A sample avatar to debug would help as well.

 Hey, just got Version 2.0. It seems, that i can't find an option to enable Channel Points for the Redemptions, only bits.

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Hi. Redemption text is the option to activate channel points.

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Hi! Just tried out your new 2.0 update, and it doesn't seem to let me use any of the keyboard shortcuts to throw, drop etc. They all still work through redeeming channel points, just not in the app using C, V etc. (it works in 1.42 though)

Hey! Thanks for your feedback. I'll look into it.


To comment on this, those keys don't seem to work until you open and close the Rewards Setup menu.

I can confirm this.

for some reason whenever i load up my vrm i keep getting "Object reference not set to and instance of an object, and whenever i try to toggle an affect manualy for testing nothing happens :/

If you're getting an error, send me the log.txt file under VTuber Plus\VTuber Plus_Data privately on Twitter.

for me it looks like your dms are closed unless were mutuals

My DMs are open for everyone.

Hey I'm having this weird problem with obs and vtuber plus. When TAA anti aliasing is enabled, alongside transparency,  within both your app and in obs, this weird ghosting affect occurs. I've tried a few settings to see if they help, but they don't affect. those 3 settings I mentioned by name are what cause it. 

the ghosting affect also only happens on my model in area's with high motion.

hey, I suggest using a color background and keying it out in obs.

Hello  Leo, thanks for your amazing work !

I was wondering if you plan to add the same lighting and bloom customization we have in Veeseeface in the future ? Could be very cool !

Have a nice day :3

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I was wondering the same, also be able to change the ambient occlusion color

Could you make it so we can have channel point redeems AND bits? So like for example, Someone can redeem channel points for 500 to throw 1 object, but if someone donates 100 bitties you get pelted with objects. Maybe make it so the amount you donate determines how many objects get pelted at you? Like 100 = 5 or something, 500 = 25, etc. Make it adjustable?

In summation. Allow bits and channel point redeems for the same function. Add separate settings options menu for bit redeems and channel point redeems.

So I recently had to reformat Windows 10 because Windows 11 completely broke everything when I reverted the upgrade...and now trying to do an item barrage in VTuber Plus just slows the program to a crawl. I'm not sure if this is due to the most recent version, or if it's something I'm completely missing on my system...

Are you using custom items? If so, your items could be too high poly and are pulling your system to it's knees. If you're using the default items, unless you have a very slow CPU, you should be fine. Could you please state your CPU, RAM and Graphics card?

All default items. 32 GB of RAM, GTX 1070 Ti graphics card, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor.

Prior to being forced to reinstall Windows, this system had zero issue with a large amount of items.

Maybe set the priority of VTuber Plus to hight? Also make sure to install the latest graphic driver.

I've already installed the graphics drivers I used prior to the reinstall and I've tested changing the program's priority, no difference. Also changed render quality and such in the program to no avail.

Unless there's some obscure setting or driver I'm missing somewhere, this isn't making any sense...it worked perfectly fine before, so why not now?


A few idea's!

removing water from the options for liquid falling on the head in favor of maybe a jet of water being sprayed in the models face?

Adding in the ability to activate the redeems on both point redeems and bits.

Ability to add custom animations, not just items. And if you add this, maybe add in the ability to choose 'presets', and the presets just being the animations you have created, so that way you could say have a redeem for 1 throw and a different redeem to throw 10 items or 1000 items. 

If any of this is already possible, please tell me where the info on how is located.

Yes!! I love the redeem different presets idea. 👏


Thank you for the ideas ^w^ I'll try to add as many of them as I can.

Hey there, ditto to what everyone else is saying, you're blazing through feature sets!

Question, how do chat members use the bits redeem feature?

Heya! Thank you very much ^w^ Basically you can set specific Bit rewards for your stream, like 100 bits would be the confetti effect. So if someone donates 100 bits, the effect gets triggered. They way to set it up is by simply putting the number 100 in the Bit section for Confetti in the Stream Reward section. Please keep in mind, that this feature is still experimental ^w^

Ahh ok, it works off cheers then! I’m assuming at least for now it requires the specific amount of bits you enter since it’s an experimental feature.

I can’t wait to see where this program goes in the future!

Yea but I'm open to ideas! And thanks ^w^

This is such a good find! I was meaning to find something like TIFA that gave allowance for custom objects (thanks to your SDK) however I've come across one issue (Not sure if an error of my setup, or lack of leap motion)

When I import my model and it tracks the OCS/VMC, it remains in T-Pose, doesn't alter the arm angle or position/rotation of the head while my VSeeFace has the arm angle configured to 70 and head can change position/rotation.

I do not have a leap motion so the option to move arms isn't there for me. Is this intended so arms won't move from the T-Pose unless theres a leap motion or other means of tracking arms?

VSeeFace left side demonstracting arm angle and head tracking, VTuber plus
Deleted 3 days ago

Heya, what is your avatar format?

The Format I was using was VSF, but I'm going through the process of recreating the model in VRM again as part of the troubleshooting process to confirm where the fault might be

Great news!

after recreating my project and sanitizing my avatar of props, colliders, and animation (sneaky animation broke it) I've discovered and quirk.

The VTuberplus program can handle the .vsfavatar using the 'Standard' shader, and 'VRM/MToon'. HOWEVER!

a .vrm of the same avatar using 'Standard' shader, returns `Failed to load. Make sure your avatar uses only UniVRM shaders.` Thankfully a .vrm avatar with 'VRM/MToon' loads


Hello! The box size keeps changing back to the default size and I don't know how to get it to stay where I want it

Thanks for reporting this issue. It'll be fixed in the next update.

Not sure what's going on but I think the app forgets to throw som'in at my character when someone claims a "Throw Something At me" reward sometimes. I'll look through my stream and see if I can tag the time it happened... It does work, just sometimes doesn't do the first throw or som'in weird.

Not sure if I ran into a weird bug, but when the Feed Me redeem is redeemed the food is instantly eaten even when not close to the collider circles

Your avatar might be too small. In Item Setting there is a slider to adjust the eating distance. Try to lower it.


Since the exclusive content idea was closed, does this mean that people buying will not get the "Streamer-Exclusive effects and items" features mentioned in the list? I am a streamer and this intrigues me.

Is it just the case of you won't get a custom one or that the feature is entirely removed?

The streamer exclusive content are only for the streamers who’ve received them. The effects are not for public use. The feature will be there of course but it is limited to a handful of streamers. I might open the requests again at some point but right now my list is full.


This mad lad works hard on this~ If I could buy again I would. Thank you for the patches and hell, some of the features I didn't think would of been agreed on to be added. Demon, keep up the great work dude! I look forward to new ideas in the future!


Thank you so so much for the wonderful comment ^w^ I really appreciate it! and I'm glad you're enjoying this tool!


Very interested in trying this program, but I cannot use it due to my avatar using standard unity shaders on certain sections. It would be nice if standard shader was supported. Is there a way you can make that happen? Would greatly appreciate it!

Hey I got you! All you have to do is to export your avatar as .vsfavatar and you're good to go!

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Oh sweet! Thank you so much! Is there a tutorial online of how to go about that that you know of? - Nevermind I found one, sorry about that! Thank you so much for your fast replies, I really appreciate it!

Is there an option to use colliders preset on the model? I'm not sure if this in intended, but all thrown objects are being aimed at the chest. At first I couldn't even see the head collider sphere even at the max size until I scaled down my model in unity quite a bit. Now I can see it, but it's got quite a large distance between the items and the head collider. Whenever an item hits the chest collider, it's acting like it hit the head and jerking the head around as if it hit the same place on the head. Just asking to make sure I've not missed something XD

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Send me some screenshots on twitter pelase. If the avatar is made correctly, the tool shouldn't missposition the head.

Just picked this up but concerned about something that's currently preventing me from using it. Something in this program is causing a GPU spike to 100% even on the lowest settings and no idea how to deal with it in a way that'd prevent issues while streaming.

Hmm that's strange. Haven't had that issue. Would you mind giving me some insights of your PC and OS?

Looks like the hotfix largely fixed it though. Like definitely getting some higher usage moments that make it unusable for me for certain games but in general I have an older card anyways so I imagine once I hopefully pick up one of the new budget cards releasing soon, I'll be able to do things just fine. 

Running on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB currently.

Yea it's your vram. Because VTuber Plus is basically a video game running on the side so , with the whole encoding for the stream, the game itself and another game it requires some resources.

Made some adjustments that seemed to help work around this. Thank you for helping me walk through this. Honestly at this point if I had one other thing to say is it'd be nice to be able to save variations of commands and save them to new ones. Like having both a throw a single item command and throwing a bunch of items. Or even a specific item (like if I wanted to add a whipped cream pie to the throw myself and wanted a command to throw THAT specifically). Otherwise looking great so far. Looking forward to see what you do with this in the future.

does this show the props that VSeeFace has now added to their app


VSeeFace props are an internal feature and can not be transfered over the OSC / VMC protocol. VseeFace is only used as a motion capture tool. VTuber Plus will have it's own props in the future.

Prior to the 1.0 update, increasing the number of items thrown threw them as a barrage. After the 1.0 update, they're...thrown one at a time in slow succession. Will this change stay like this in the future, or was it unintentional?


The change was intentional and to prevent the head from breaking. I‘ll try to come up with a different solution.


Hello there! Really liking Vtuber Plus so far,  you're adding features I've wanted in other software for a while now!
Would it be possible to add a way of setting the window resolution? It'd be nice to run it at 1920x1080 for extra detail while streaming, and finagling the window with manual resizing is a bit tedious!

Changing resolution is now added!


Thank you so much!

Quick question. Is there a way to add new objects like you can with tits, the l2d version of this?

Never mind didn't see the link up top about making new items.

Hello! Does this program require any other software besides the avatar capture like VseeFace?  :)

Hey, no just vseeface ^w^


Thank you!

Another nice thing would be the option to pick background color or add an image in the background in the app. So I can color key a capture out. Right now with a black dress.... I get well invisible ^_^ 

Don't chroma key, just enable transparencies.

(1 edit)

No. Transparency enables transparency. With chroma key you need to add a color key filter. Basically a different/ older method for keying the background in case the avatar has trouble with transparency.

Yeah, I have transparency  enabled already . But  yeah  I'll do a work around then no problem. Since I  use a 2 PC setup. And I capture the VTuber   content via a capture card I get a full screen from OBS and the transparency does not help. But I'll make a setup where my VTuber PC has a background with color in the capture   and the transparency from VTuber plus.  I  might try out NDI as well without the color.  

WIth the new update you can easily add a key color to your background in VTuber Plus ^w^


Awesome thank you ^_^

I finally got my model aligned again, but now all the thrown objects seem to target my feet. They were definitely aimed at my head before the camera moved and moving the camera up and down doesn't seem to help at all.

Nevermind, I trashed my install and set it up again to reset my settings. I have it working again, but it'd still be nice to be able to reset the camera and to be able to move the avatar as opposed to only the camera.

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Moved from Tifa. Really love the flexibility this one gives, along with the features it can use. Only personal gripe is the "head snap" when bopped by an item is pretty slow, and oddly doesn't move spring bones. Either way a worthy purchace for me~ I look forward to seeing where this goes!

(1 edit) (+1)

Fixed it: https://demonlionleo.itch.io/vtuber-plus/devlog/334082/update-v10-reroll


404? Either way, thank you for looking into it! When it's officially out, def updating it. Already made my first item for the toss system and I never laughed so hard. Appreciate the work~♥


So much better, ty! You're doing amazing work here~♪


Hi, love the  work so far. As a user of TIFA before I  really appreciate the  rolling updates and also possible customization  with the SDK. Something I  would like is be able to have  several cameras bound to hotkeys (to switch between) So I can have one super close up and one normal. Since it wont react to the camera changes I  do in  VSeeFace . And a VTuber plus that would work together with  VSeeFace Props. Keep  up the great work. 

Oh cameras would be cool because I already have to setup several scenes in OBS with different zooms, a reset camera button would be awesome too.
But, if you manage to work together with VseeFace props I'll absolutely adore you, because I'm debating myself for some streams if I use props or allow people to throw me things :c


Camera reset shortcut has been already added ^w^

I'll see what I can come up with for multiple cameras. Supporting props needs more work bit I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for your support!

Such a great tool! How do I adjust the size of the collider for the falling items?

(1 edit)

Thanks! The collider size is automatically set. I might add a slider to adjust the size of the head collider. Are you having trouble with it?

(1 edit)

Yeah I think my model's scale in Unity is too small, I'm not sure how to adjust it correctly for your app! Either a slider or support for the VRMSpringBoneColliderGroup like in TIFA would be great :)

Also, while I'm here, is there a way to adjust the camera's FOV that I'm missing?

I see. If your character is too small all other objects will appear way too big. Therefore I suggest scaling up your avatar. Camera FOV can be adjusted with mouse scroll.


Sorry for the slow reply! I ended up having to adjust the  FBX's scale before exporting to VRM then VSF. Adjusting the VRM's scale didn't apply to the VSF.

Thanks for all the great work and the frequent updates, it's genuinely awesome!

Thank you very much ^w^ I'm glad you were able to solve the problem.

Aaah sorry! I must have done something wrong! I got the User ID and Auth key setup from the links given but when I try to login I get the error "Post "http://prod.pubsub-control.twitch.a2z.c" :(

Try running it as Administrator. Make sure your firewall is allwing the program to connect to the internet.


Aaah thank you! Running as admin fixed it <3 

How do I reset the camera? My avatar is currently excessively stretched out and I'm not sure how to fix it. Also, is it possible to move the avatar rather than the camera? I believe that's how I got so stretched out... :\

Just use your mouse wheel to zoom back in.


Hey! First of all your program is such an amazing one and could help me a lot! I hope I will be able to use it in the future too. 
I just have one problem and at the same time it is kinda a request. 

Would it be possible to support other point systems in the future beside the twitch channel points?

ex. The loyality points from streamlabs that are triggered through chat commands. 

I also searched for other programs but all programs I found don't support either other point systems and custom items or doesn't support 3D models.

Would be super nice from you to let me know what you think about this.


Hello! Thank you for your nice comment ^w^ I've been receiving many requests for adding other systems and bits / subs to the program. At the moment I have a lot on my plate but in the future updates I'll try my best to implement more possibilities / systems.


Ahhh thank you for considering it. I'm definitely waiting excited for the future updates and I'm also really hyped for the other features you're working on!

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Heya wanted to let you know the discover user id doesn't seem refer you to the extension page since it seems to be missing? Got an error 404 and can't search and find it either by the name of the extension or its creator, so I can't get my user ID like in the tutorial, is there another way to find it? -- nvm I found a way https://www.streamweasels.com/tools/convert-twitch-username-to-user-id/

Thanks. Fixed the issue.

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This tool is amazing! Was so easy to setup and I'm so glad you can customize the reward's name because my stream is in another language. This tool going to be perfect with my 3D model debut, thank you!
Would be awesome if you add a slider to choose how many item throw at the same time.


Thank you for your comment ^-^ I might add more control over the items in the next updates.

I just bought the application, but it turned out that there is no support of VSF Format. I hope you will add it soon!


Hi, yes it says on the page that only VRM avatars are supported. I'll look into VSF ^-^



Man that was fast! Thank you very much! I hope you'll continue to support this app!