Update v1.23

  • Changed camera shortcuts with global hook, so now you can toggle cameras when you're outside of VTuber Plus.
  • Added more streamer exclusive effects.
  • Added adjustable eating distance.


VTuber Plus v1_23.zip 39 MB
8 days ago

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Will there be plans for us to be able to “clear the queue” and have an avalanche of stuff thrown at us/dropped on us when that happens?

There is already a slider for letting the viewers to throw up to 100 items at you at: Item Settings -> Thrown Items

And no, clearing the queue doesn't trigger this event.

Are you receiving more streamer exclusive applications? :c

I stopped taking them as stated on the page. I still need to finish the ones I've gotten so far ^w^

(1 edit) (+1)

While Shift + 1 (2) are a good idea, it might be too common of a combination though. Maybe have it be configurable? or maybe have the option to toggle on/off the global setting? I don't need multiple camera angles, so this feature might be a bit overkill for someone who uses those buttons for things like FPS's and what not.


I'll add some options to it ^w^ Thanks for your feedback